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Granite and Quartz

Factory Direct To Indianapolis

So, why choose Quality Surfaces over other offerings in Indianapolis?

  • We are the specialists, the experts, the go to people for all of the "difficult" or out of the ordinary stuff.  When other places have things they can't do, or don't want to do, they have us do it for them.  We help businesses that already do what we do stay on top of their game by providing services they wouldn't be able to provide on their own either because they don't have the equipment, the expertise, or the capacity.

  • Some of the places offering tops are going to buy their tops directly from a factory like us, and then they will add their markup, and you end up paying more.  Don't pay more, come to QS and buy direct.

  • We do a lot of business with many manufturers, which allows us to negotiate great deals on products, yet we are still small enough to offer a one on one experience with every customer.

  • We offer the utmost care and service to meet your needs.

  • We have state of the art facilities and equipment to design and manufacture whatever you need.

  • We will walk you through the process.

  • We will match comparable quotes from other companies.  We've had people tell us they got a better price somewhere else, however, not 1 of those has been able to produce a comparable quote to prove it.  They end up buying from us and don't seem to want to bring it up again after we ask for evidence.  Coincidence?  I don't think so.

  • We have thousands of remnants and full slabs on site.

  • Slabs not affected by weather are outside where they can be seen in natural light, and not under the lights found in a large warehouse that give a false sense of color.  Marble is inside along with a few slabs of quartz.

  • We measure, we tearout, we install.  We do it all!

So why come here?  Well, we're worth it!

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Quality Surfaces

2087 Franklin Rd

Spencer, IN 47460


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