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The Process

Before the showroom visit

Measure the length and width of the countertops you would like to purchase or get a drawing of your cabinets with dimensions.  You can draw a sketch of your project on paper if you like.  Sketch paper is nice, but we can do it from a napkin as long as the dimensions are close.  Now, to get in touch; email, use our submittal form on the site, fax in your sketches, drawings, or plans, or bring them with you to the showroom.  We can give quotes over the phone or through the internet if a material and color has already been chosen, but we can offer one on one service in person.  

Visiting the showroom

If you haven't chosen yet, our experienced sales team will help you choose the right countertop to compliment your decor and lifestyle. You will be greeted, and a salesperson will collect a little bit of information about your project and yourself, as to get the most out of your time with us.  Information regarding surface types, offerings, colors, and other information will be shared at this time.  Once you have chosen your surface type, color, edge style and other options the sales team will discuss whether you would like to purchase a sink from us, and show you the sinks available from some of the top brands.  They will also discuss faucets with you as well.  After the selection process, he/she will create your quote.


Scheduling for Measure/Field Template & Installation Date: Once your countertop order has been confirmed, Quality Surfaces will call within 2 business days to set up Measure and Install dates for your countertop.

Field Measurements

Field Measurement: On the day of measure, our drafter will use digital equipment to measure and template your countertops.  They will gather all information about faucets, sinks, fixtures, and appliances.

Removal of Existing Countertops and Appliances: For the most accurate measure, we would like existing countertops, backsplashes, sinks, and cooktops to be completely disconnected and removed from cabinetry prior to field measure date.  However, we do understand if this is a remodel that might not work since you require a working kitchen during the time between measure and install.  So by request. we can measure with the tops on.  Quality Surfaces does offer tearout as a service.


Drafting: The countertops will be drawn and shared with you.  You will review the drawings for all features and ensure they match your desired layout and features.  This is an important step, so we request you review your drawings carefully.  We will not cut until you approve everything.


Fabrication: Once drawings have been approved we will begin manufacturing the tops.  You may request to see the material before cuts are made, but this must be done before drawing approval. 


Installation: The day of the installation is here!  It's 1wk after measure.  Hurray!  Our crew will bring the countertops in, sit them on the cabinets, then begin the leveling process.  After leveling, any seams will be assembled and glued, sinks will be installed.  The splash goes on last.

Cleanup: After the install, the crew will remove their trash and debris, clean off the tops, and leave the job site in broom clean condition.

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