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About Granite


Granite is heavily used in kitchen  and bath and is know for its durabilty and scratch resistance.


Each slab of granite is unique.  Its a one-of-a-kind surface that has an illustrious look.


Granite is easily cleaned with soap and water.


Granite has high resistance to heat.


Granite is Sanitary


Granite adds value to your home and does not depreciate.


Granite requires periodic sealing because of the porous nature of the stone. Unsealed granite can be sensitive to harsh chemicals and prone to staining.

See Care and Use Instructions to understand the ease of Granite care.



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About Soapstone


Soapstone is a durable and hard working stone that is virtually maintenance free. Soapstone can stand up to acidic materials.


Soapstone is non porous and it does not stain.


Soapstone is heat resistant.


Soapstone does not need to be sealed.  There's nothing to maintenance.  Some homeowners choose to oil or wax it to even out normal darkening and enrich color.


Despite being a hard surface, soapstone has a softer feel than other solid stone surfaces.


Although less scratch resistant than other natural stones, soapstone is easily repairable.


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