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John Cook - President/Owner

I purchased Quality Surfaces at the end of 2014.  It was and still is a good family owned company, with a good reputation.  Early on, I strived to market Quality Surfaces as the best value, mostly competing on price.  However, I soon realized I was selling myself short.  I personally strive for customer satisfaction, but I didn't market it that well.  In 2017, we refocused.  So now, you get several things when you work with us.  These are my core values, and my business should reflect this.

My Core Values/Quality Surfaces Core Values

  • Competitive price.  We remain not only competitive, but often the price leader for Quartz and Stone, and yet, we offer so much more.

  • Quality.  We provide the utmost quality in our workmanship.  Our core values scream, "Good enough, is just not good enough."  

  • Reliability.  We have 99% on time delivery.  We use state of the art scheduling and tracking, to be on time and stay on time.  Short Story: We recently had an issue on commercial delivery of solid surface.  I refocused the whole department on delivery, and we were caught up within 2 weeks.  Our new core value is "Reliability is not an option, its a requirement."

  • Timing.  We strive to keep measure within 2-3 weeks after signing.  About 75% of the time we can beat this.  This means countertops installed in 3 to 4 weeks.  When we get over 3 weeks, we take on extra measurers, drafters, and installers to keep this low.  While other places are 6-8 weeks out, we stay as tight as possible.  Our goal is to get this down to 1-2 weeks for residential.  Also, if you check with other fabricators out there, a lot of places will measure right away, but not have countertops until weeks later.  We do it 5 business days after measure ALWAYS.  

  • Customer Service and Satisfaction.  Our customers deserve the best, service, satisfaction, and happiness.  We must provide this.  We are here to make you happy.  Make the process easy so you are happy.  Provide you with a smooth process, so you are happy.  Give you the best products, prices, quality, etc, so you are happy.  Make your home beautiful so you are happy. 

  • Uniqueness.  What do I mean by this?  We do the things other fabricators don't want to do.  If you find a fabricator that will not cut something, we probably will.  This means Onyx, Quartzite, Dolomite, Travertine, Glass, Porcelain, Epoxy, Wood, Thermoforming Solid Surface, and any other unique material that we have capability to do.  We offer the most up to date and state of the art materials available to the countertop industry.  There isn't much we don't do or work with.


What Are We Really Selling?

We are not selling you just a product, or just countertops.  We are selling you a great customer experience, happiness, customer service, reliability, quality, and more.  We are always looking for ways to improve these things, so suggestions and discussion are always appreciated.  We love our business, and our customers, and it is of utmost importance that our customers see us the way I want us to be seen, and in line with our core values.

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What Sets Us Apart?  Or, Why You WANT Quality Surfaces Doing Your Countertops!

"It’s not just about doing better than the competition; it is about innovating and doing things different"

-Steve Jobs

Proprietary Seam Techniques:  We have taken a step back, studied seams, and applied our knowledge to come up with the best seams possible.  We now apply our technique to every seam we create.  Seams sometimes are a necessary item for handling, limited slab size, or other reason(will not fit in elevator), so when they just have to be there,  you want the best possible seam  you can get.  We are here to give it to you.  Yes, there is a seam in this picture to the left...

Hand Finished Edges:  We hand finish all edges after coming off of our machines.  This means, there will be no machining marks, ridges, or anything but a smooth profile after we are done.  A lot of other shops just take their tops off the cnc or edge machine and send them to install.  We detail each edge for the best looking tops possible. 

Industry Standard
Quality Surface

Under Polish:  We polish 4-5" under the edge of the countertop.  See the difference!

Timing:  Quality Surfaces always installs 5 business days after measure.  Except when there are Holidays, and then we sometimes do it in 4 business days.

SATISFACTION and SERVICE:  Besides all of the qualifications we have, we really try to take care of our customers.  Countertops are a long lasting part of a home and its important to have them at their best since they will be used daily for so many purposes.  QS has been doing countertops for over 24 years.  We stand by our name and offer the best service and hospitality in the industry.  No one will work harder to accommodate and satisfy your needs and desires for countertops.

QUALITY:  If you have decided to get new solid surface, stone, or quartz countertops, you have decided to buy a high quality product.  We buy A+ Choice grade stone, then manufacture them with state of the art equipment, and hand finish to perfection.  Don't settle for lesser material or craftsmanship.

We are Indiana's First  Marble Institute of America (MIA) Accredited Natural Stone Fabricator.

Quality Surfaces is now able to proudly display the accreditation logo. "The Marble Institute of America recognizes Quality Surfaces among the finest in the natural stone industry with respect to craftsmanship, manufacturing, and installation."  Click here to see why that matters to you!



This is the second time I have used Quality Surfaces and I couldn't be more pleased.  People so often call to complain, I just wanted to call and give praise.  Mike and Adam work so well together.  I was going to call anyway, but not long ago, Mike knocked on the door and said you know I was thinking about you saying you were going to do brick style tile, and I was thinking I should do another check on levelness of the slab when I bring you your care kit.  Talk about above and beyond!  Also, I had accidentally turned on the wrong burner and melted a piece of plastic on my stove.  When Mike was done installing he asked me to come look at the install, and the first thing I noticed was my stove was all clean and shiny.  Mike, said, well it was nothing for us to clean it, so we just couldn't leave it like that.

—  Dilks, Carol

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About Quality Surfaces

Indiana's Premier Custom Countertop Fabricators...

Quality Surfaces was created over 24 years ago when former owner Mike Job decided to use his construction expertise in the growing solid surface counter top market. Over the years, it has expanded the product offerings to include the finest granite, quartz, marble, soapstone, and solid surface materials. However, the commitment to quality extends far beyond the products we carry. A state-of-the-art fabrication facility, dedicated support staff, and in-house install crews highlight our dedication to providing customers unparalleled service.

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