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May 26th          8am-4pm

This will be a sale like no other sale we've had before!

ALL Granite Remnants
$26 per sqft
ALL Quartz Remnants 
$31 per sqft

209 Discounted Full Slabs 15-40% off

2586 (42879 sqft) Remnants

ONE • Day  SALE  

5 Business Day Turnaround from Measure to Install on Countertops!

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Beat Any


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This is the second time I have used Quality Surfaces and I couldn't be more pleased.  People so often call to complain, I just wanted to call and give praise.  Mike and Adam work so well together.  I was going to call anyway, but not long ago, Mike knocked on the door and said you know I was thinking about you saying you were going to do brick style tile, and I was thinking I should do another check on levelness of the slab when I bring you your care kit.  Talk about above and beyond!  Also, I had accidentally turned on the wrong burner and melted a piece of plastic on my stove.  When Mike was done installing he asked me to come look at the install, and the first thing I noticed was my stove was all clean and shiny.  Mike, said, well it was nothing for us to clean it, so we just couldn't leave it like that.

—  Dilks, Carol

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